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                    About us

                    School of Economics and Finance, a young and dynamic college, is set up by economic disciplines and related majors of the former three universities -- Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Medical University and Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics after merging in 2000. Currently, the School has 139 full-time teachers, including 34 professors, 64 associate professors and 41 lecturers. Many teachers have received doctorate degrees in well-known universities in the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, etc. At the same time, the School has one professor of the Yangtze River Scholars, Ministry of Education, one National outstanding contribution of young and middle-aged expert, one vice chairman of the teaching steering committee of the Ministry of Education, five talents from the Ministry of Education in the new century, five professors enjoying special government allowances, two top talents at the school level and two famous teachers at the school level. What’s more, the School has employed more than 10 international renowned visiting professors.

                    There are about 2000 undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctor students in the school. At present, the school has one national key discipline (Industrial Economics), and one post-doctoral mobile station for applied economics. Furthermore, the school has been granted to award doctoral degree to the discipline of applied economics and statistics. Also, it has 12 doctorate programs for sub-discipline, 5 professional degrees, 1 provincial and ministry key laboratory (Shaanxi e-commerce and e-government laboratory), 1 computer aided design laboratory, 1 national excellent course (Panorama to E-commerce), and 3 Shaanxi excellent subjects (E-commerce, International Economy and Trade, and Finance). In 2017, the School cooperated with Illinois Institute of Technology and Business School, launching the “3+2” Bachelor and master degree program. In 2018, the School and HSBC started a joint undergraduate program -- HSBC Elite Class for Finance and Technology.

                    Since the establishment, teachers of the School have been approved to host more than 100 national projects and 500 provincial and ministerial projects, with an annual average of nearly 10 million Yuan for scientific research. Moreover, they have published more than 3000 advances-level Chinese and English academic papers in "Economic Research", "the World of Management", "China Industrial economy" and SSCI Source Journals and a number of books in the Economic Science Publishing House. Furthermore, they have won more than 100 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. In 2017, the School entered the top 1% in the ESI world ranking, the fourth university in mainland China after Peking University, Tsinghua University and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to the results of the fourth round of discipline evaluation issued by the Ministry of Education in 2017, applied economics, the first-grade discipline of the School, entered the category A and ranked 8th in parallel with Tsinghua University and other universities.

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